Marketing your property

Effective marketing strategies are crucial to selling a property. I offer my clients the latest marketing techniques and technologies, with a focus on cinematic video experiences, magazine-worthy photography, online distribution, and more. I ensure that a property is showcased in the best possible light. With my expertise and dedication to investing in new marketing strategies, clients can trust that their property will sell when it is marketed with precision and care.

Entice buyers and highlight the unique features of your property with my modern, sophisticated approach to real estate marketing.

Distinguish your property and reach a broad global audience with my agile digital and traditional marketing methods. From professional photography and cinematic video experiences to private tours, floor plans, and promotional brochures, your property is creatively positioned to attract potential buyers. With a focus on strategic digital marketing techniques, I leverage social media, online real estate publications, and targeted ads to expose your property to prospective real estate buyers worldwide.

Social Media

Through social media marketing, paid ads, digital network distribution, and organic reach, I promote your real estate listing online to attract potential buyers worldwide. Each real estate listing is strategically distributed to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube—and over 25 of the real estate industry’s leading online publications such as,, and more.

Professional Photography

I work exclusively with professional real estate photographers to capture the essence and allure of your property. Quality photographs give potential buyers an intimate portrait of your property’s design features, living spaces, and architectural details—while persuading them to envision your property as their next real estate opportunity. 

Cinematic video experiences

With global buyers eager to enter the southern Vancouver Island real estate market, it’s not always practical to view listings in person. I can provide clients with short, professionally filmed videos and/or virtual tours to enable prospective buyers to explore your property from anywhere in the world. 

Open Houses & Private Tours

Giving potential buyers a first-hand look at your property is a trusted method to generate interest and convert that demand into multiple offers and a sale. My professional and sophisticated presentation of each client’s home ensures that every detail is showcased—and that prospective buyers understand the potential of each unique feature.

Magazine Quality Brochures

To optimize reach and spread the word about your property’s distinctive attributes, I provide you with detailed and informative brochures to distribute to prospective buyers. Featuring professional photographs, accurate floor plans, and descriptions of your home and community, my marketing brochures give buyers an intimate portrait of your home’s best qualities.

Professional Floor Plan Measurements

Sophisticated real estate buyers in today’s marketplace want accurate information about the functional details of your home and property. Precise floor plans of your home’s living and storage spaces are essential details for marketing your home to prospective buyers. I ensure that the floor plan will be used in combination with incredible photography and cinematic video tours to build excitement about your home for potential buyers.

RE/MAX’s Large Network of Local and Global Agents

RE/MAX – with a network of over 140,000 agents and a presence in more than 110 countries and territories – has a global footprint that’s unmatched by any other real estate brand, often making international business a reality for the network’s agents.